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Caring for your child :

Is the single most important responsibility that you as a parent  have.

Don’t ever feel afraid to ask for advice, it will only make you a better parent.The more knowledge you have the better informed you will be to make a decision.

Ask  any of the teachers about your child’s progress and please reply in the communication books  you have. Teachers are required daily to write in each child’s book as a method of communication  with Parents to keep you informed about any problems and your child's progress.


Staying in Touch with your Children

It is important that you help your children build relationships with faraway family and friends.

  1. Story Time:

Tell your children tales from your childhood.Entertain them with stories about  hikes you enjoyed with Grandpa ,Christmas time family gatherings.Tell them about the time the family dog ate the christmas lunch and how you had to have hot dogs instead.Anectdotes about family traditions , Grandparents,aunts and uncles  can make them feel much closer, intersting and fun.


     2. Photo Opportunity:

Create a Photo albulm of family and friends and talk through these regularly with your children. Discuss who the people are and how they relate to you.Alternatley create a wall of family pictures as a talking point  in your home.If you rfmaily is scattered across the globe , the photos could make them a part of your children's lives.


     3. Video:

Audio and visual stimuli are important for every child and the use of a simple family video showing family and friends will go a long way to keeping your child attached to them .Why not make a DVD showing teh Best of the last 6 montsh or Last 5 years showing them how they have grown up. We recently did the same with our family where we showed my son and daughter form birth to the age of 5 years and how they have changed. It was to say the least a very emothional experience.If your daughter is given a gift, let her open it on skype with the family member who sent it  abl eto experince her delight.


    4. Talk Time:

Encourage regular phone calls or a skype video call with loved ones .It is a great way to show the visual stimuli to mak eteh connection between those you love who are not always able to share in your childs life.


    5. Virtual Viewing :

Start a family blog  or online photo album.Ther are so many free popular blog publishing platforms which include wordpress.com and blogger.com.If you decide to do a blog then carefully consider the privacy setting you use.

A facebook Group or page for an extended Family  Page will also allow you to share posts ,pictures and discusssions with a select group of people you choose.Of course teh usual cautions apply.


Do your best to spend some quality time with your children. I  know we live a hectic lifestyle but nothing can give you back the time that you lose with your children.

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