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Wonderland School Policy

Our school policy is expressed in plain english.We reserve the right of admission to our school and post the following Policy requirements. 

  • School hours – from 06:30 – 18:00 (Monday-Friday). Please note that all the staff go off duty at 18:00.  Any late collections after 18.00 ,there will be a fine that will have to be paid of        R 100.00 per incident. This Fine is to be paid directly to the staff member on duty upon collection of your child.
  • Fees must be paid in advance by no later that the 3rd of each month. Fees are reviewed  annually or more often if necessary. One calendar months notice in writing or one months fees in lieu of notice, is required when you  intend to remove your child from WONDERLAND EDUCARE.
  • Fees are payable in full, even if the child is away on holiday or due to illness. An additional 2% will be charged to your account of payments are made after the 3rd of the month (due date).This is a Late Payment Fee. If payment is still not made within 21 days after the due date, your child’s enrolment will automatically expire without further notice and the position filled.
  • Breakfast is served between 08:00 – 08:30 and lunch from 12:00 – 12:30.Daily Activity Lists can be obtained from Teachers for your perusal.
  • Notebooks are required for each child and are there for communication between the teacher and parent and must be signed by the parent after reading the message.
  • PLEASE mark all clothing.  We cannot be held responsible for any loss of property, although we take all possible precautions to prevent this from happening.
  • When a child has a non-contagious mild illness. Parents are required to write in the child’s message book, stipulating the medication dosages and when it is to be administered.  Medication containers must be clearly labeled with Childs name and surname. If Instructions are not written in the communication notebook and signed by the Parent, no medication will be administered.

WONDERLAND EDUCARE, closes once a year for plus minus fifteen working days during the  Christmas and New year period. The fees for December are still payable in full.


  • Please keep in mind that the fees are calculated at 48 weeks per annum and not the normal 52 weeks, which compensates for the days being closed.Fees pricing is calculated monthly
  • Children that have lice or any infectious diseases must be treated immediately and will not be allowed to attend WONDERLAND EDUCARE before a doctors clearance certificate  is produced (Health Department Requirement). It is not the centre’s responsibility to treat the child. We can assure you that we take all possible precautions to insure your child’s well being.


  • Changes to your work, home address or phone numbers must be brought to the principals attention as soon as possible, so that we can update our records.


  • WONDERLAND EDUCARE’S  children are not allowed to:

a)      bring toys

b)      physically or verbally abuse another child

c)      be destructive with school equipment or another

         child's posssessions.

d)     be verbally or physically abusive towards their teachers.


  • Parents hereby bind myself as surety and co-principal debtor to Wonderland Educare Centre cc t/a WONDERLAND EDUCARE for the due and punctual  fulfilment by myself of all my obligations to Wonderland Educare Centre cc,  hereby renouncing the benefits of excussion  and division and the cession of action, the meaning and effects of which I know and understand.
  • If this account is handed over for collection ,I understand that I will be liable for all costs of whatsoever nature, as  between attorney and client,including  25% collection commission,tracing costs and any costs that may occur in the recovery of monies owed.


  • 13.The owners of WONDERLAND EDUCARE reserves the right to dismiss any parent or cancel any child’s  enrolment for the following reasons.


  • a)      For not disclosing problems such as physical, mental or psychological behavior your child may have that you were aware of.
  • b)      For not disclosing a medical conditions your child may be suffering from that  may be detrimental to other children or staff at WONDERLAND EDUCARE , or that may impact on the type of care given to the child.
  • c)      Parents who spread rumours to bring the name of the teachers, principal and/or owners of WONDERLAND EDUCARE into disrepute.
  • d)     Parents that are bad payers and regularly have to be reminded to pay their child’s fees on time, will receive a letter from management as a last resort.

Thereafter it may necessitate a dismissal and legal action if necessary.

  • e)   Parents who are abusive and use foul language toward management and the staff of WONDERLAND EDUCARE.
  • f)    Parents whose children are abusive , cause injury to other children both emotional and physical.

Parents that may have any grievances or a problem concerning their child are requested to make an appointment to speak to the principal or owner.

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