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Wonderland Concert Photos 2013

Wonderland educare held its concert at VanRiebeeckstrand Primary School during December  of 2013. 22 Grade R learners graduated and were promoted to Grade 1. The concert was an overwhelming success with 580 people attending .The concert was well supported by Moms,Dads, Auties , uncles , Grannies and Grandpas, brothers and Sisters.It is really refreshing to see that parents have an interest in their children and their achievments. Our children worked so hard throughout the year practising to ensure no mistakes were made on the day, although the same could not be said of myself and our power problems. All in all it went well and was probably one of the best to date.

Wonderland Concert Wonderland Ballet Recital
Wonderland Educare Wonderland To To
80s Rock n Roll  Wonderland Wonderland Finger Ballet
Wonderland educare 80's concert Parklands Creche Concert
Night Fever Wonderland educare 80's concert
Wonderland concert Finale Wonderland educare Finale


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Wonderland Educare Michael Jackson Revival

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Air Ballet

Air Ballet

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